Gordon is the biggest and strongest engine in The Island Of Sodor and has a blue coat of paint and a sepreate coal tender


Gordon The Valiant loves to show off and can be sometimes a bit rude without knowing it. He's somewhat stubborn and always struggles to ever admit that he is sometimes wrong. He loves to tell stories to the other engines mostly about himself. He also loves to puff up smoke from is funnel and make a lot of loud noises with his powerful twin engines. But most of all Gordon is a hard worker and never finishes a job until it's done. He once wanted to be called Goliath then Gargantua in Percy's New Name. He also got his nickname Gordy by Shamus the hunting engine. in Thomas and the iced Engine. He seems to like giving orders but gives too many when himself,Thomas and Duck solve an under the ground mystery but soon learns he is a good leader knows when to follow it. In Thomas and the Borrowed Horn it is revealed that Gordon likes the stuff under the tracks.

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